Ginger Tonic/Turmeric Tonic: shelf life 7-10 days/ refrigerate and shake vigorously

Almond Milk: shelf life 5 - 7 days/ refrigerate and shake

Raw Chocolates: shelf life 7 - 10 days/ refrigerate or freeze and keep in sealed container. Best brought to room temperature prior to eating

Raw Yogurt: shelf life 7 - 10 days/ refrigerate and stir well if yogurt separates/ the liquid at the bottom is rich in probiotics and beneficial enzymes (you want to eat this). Yogurt becomes more tart as it ages and continues to ferment.

Escabeche, Turmeric Kraut, Curtido: shelf life 2 months or longer. Refrigerate

Kombucha: shelf life 2 months or longer. Refrigerate

Sprouted Buckwheat: shelf life 1 month or longer. Keep tightly sealed in refrigerator